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Clutch cover "RPS" Right side Aprilia

Clutch cover "RPS" Right side Aprilia

Designed to protect the engine in the event of accidental knocks or slides, they have a very light yet strong structure and have been seriously put through their paces on the most prestigious racing tracks. The CNC Racing crash protection covers undergo continuous testing to ensure that they withstand even the most demanding use. The perfect geometry means they fit to bodywork of all kinds without any changes required.

Accurate mathematical calculations, mechanical stress analyses and physical testing have all gone in to creating a must-have product for bike safety. CNC machining coupled with the sheer quality of the Ergal alloy employed make this product a striking part that you can be proud to show off on your bike.

  • : 75
  • Hersteller CNC Racing
  • Artikelnr. PR313
  • Verfügbarkeit 2-3 tage
  • CHF 343.-

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